London's Calling...

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to central London for the In The Style X Olivia Attwood launch party. I usually drive to London from my hometown in Wiltshire but I decided to get the train because driving its a 4 hour round trip, whereas the train is only 1hour 20 one way. Getting the train was so easy! There is a direct line from Bath Spa straight to London Paddington. From Paddington you can catch the bakerloo line straight to central London - or if you are feeling a bit extra an Uber!

As it was an In The Style party I wore a dress from their Sarah Ashcroft range. Its faux suede and my favourite colour - pink obviously! I wore a large choker to accessorise and some cute frilly heals from Miss Pap. For my hair, I wore my Beauty Works clip in hair extensions.

Shop the look:

Faux Suede Dress Link

Choker Link

Shoes Link

Hair Extensions Link

The best part of going to events like this is being able to share it with my Sister. As many of you will know my Sister also loves fashion and we have very similar interests. I Actually have 3 other sisters (5 of us in total) and we are all close. We all have our similarities and differences, with Me & Elle we are similar because of our love of fashion & beauty. We are also different in a lot of ways, as there is a lot more to life then fashion and beauty.

I really missed my two children when I was in London. I sometimes get separation anxiety when I am not with them, I have always had anxiety and its something that I live with daily but when I am not with my children I don't every feel fully at ease. My children stayed with my husband and I was only gone for a few hours but as Jesse (my 11 month old) is teething at the moment I did feel guilty leaving him (even for a short time period) - Mum guilt!

I think it is important to still make time for yourself even when you are a Mum. Its good for your soul to have hobbies and interests!

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